Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Did I mention that I am obsessed with Christmas?  As soon as the first fall-y feeling day rolls around each year, I begin to get excited about the holidays.  I love Halloween and Thanksgiving as well but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that getting to those holidays means I'm just that much closer to Christmas!  We've got house guests (Scotland in da house!) for two weeks in November so I'm trying to make sure I get a jump start on things around here.  That, and it gives me an excuse (and I"ll take any excuse these days) to think about something other than work.

Yesterday, I bought these gift tags on Etsy (with my name instead, obvi).

I thought they were really cute BUT little did I know that my little purchase won me the title of FOEC when I got an email from their creator, Anne.  What the heck is FOEC, you ask?  Well, only Anne's FIRST OFFICIAL ETSY CUSTOMER!!! 

Not only did I get that honor but Anne doubled my order and will do so for any label orders I make in the future!!  Seriously, I have the worst luck but this just made my day!  And I bet it made hers too since she had her first sale (I'm still waiting on my first sale but this makes up for it!).  Anyway, Anne's got lots of great other things so check out her Etsy shop here

I'm already planning my next purchase.  It's between these items right now...


  1. aawwww! Thanks so much Cameron! That's so nice... ok. just because Cameron's so nice... for any of her friends & followers, if you put 'Cameron's friend' in the notes section when you check out, I'll extend the FOEC double order offer to you as well! The offer's good on gift tags & address labels for the rest of 2010.... order 12 gift tags, you'll get 24... order 20 labels, you'll receive 40. You can thank Cameron!

  2. Very cute. I just ordered some, too.

  3. I am a little behind but I just ordered some too!


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