Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Z Gallerie Prints

I would say I only found out about Z Gallerie a couple of years ago (I know, I am kind of in the dark sometimes).  That said, I am always looking at their catalogs or in the stores at the furniture.  I got an email today with some of their new products and I found myself on their website and randomly was looking at their art.  I mean, duh, with the word "gallery" in your store name, I guess I should've thought of this before.  Love some of their prints.  And very affordable.

Nuff said.

Okay, okay.  I'll quit with the dog pictures but really?  So sweet.
I love how the people are blurry.  There is something magical about this one.

They have this Suzani print in lots of colors.  They could look really cool in a grouping of four.

I've been kind of obsessed with Koi fish for the past couple of years.  I want to do something with koi fabric but haven't figured out what I'm gonna do yet.  Love this picture.
Hello little boy's room.  Do you see the lady bug?  How happy is that green?
Cool colors, cool effect.  Don't love the frame but you could change that out.

They also have different ones of these that you could do in a grouping in an office or study.  Again, I'd probably change the frame.

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