Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Wrapping Odd Shaped Presents

I love wrapping so I love having boxes that make everything look neat and square and perfect for a pretty bow to go around.  It is because of this love of wrapping neatly that I hoard boxes.  I save them from gifts, dig them out of the trash at work, save boxes from things that arrive in the mail.  But no matter how many I hoard, there always seems to be those presents that just won't fit in a box.  Yesterday was my friend Lane's birthday (happy, happy, Laney!) and a few days ago I was wrapping her present (haven't seen her to give it to her yet so can't spill the beans on what it is but regardless, it didn't fit in any box I had.

I always keep two things on hand for wrapping odd sized gifts:

1. Tissue paper - any color (even if you only have white, you can jazz it up with a colorful bow)
2. Clear celphane wrap (it comes on a roll so you can store along with your other rolls of gift wrap)

Just place a layer of celophane on the floor that is big enough to wrap around the gift.  Then layer several sheets of tissue paper on top of the celophane.  Sit the gift in the middle of the tissue and celphane.  Bring each of the four sides up to the top and secure with a bow.  Easy and looks pretty too!  Just be careful not to smush it when transporting...

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