Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Using fresh herbs in your flower arrangements

One day my friend Emily brought me a bouquet of flowers from Eastern Market that had some fresh herbs mixed in with the flowers.  I was immediately in love with it.  It smelled so divine and I thought it was such a unique touch.  Ever since then, I mix fresh herbs in the spring and summer with almost all of my flower arrangements whether I buy the flowers from the store or pick them from the yard.  Mint grows in our yard like a weed so there is always an abundance of that and the smell throughout the house is incredible.  Oregano and thyme are another option - they smell so fresh and lemony and woodsy but cost pennies to throw into your arrangements. 

Another idea if you have an abundance of fresh herbs is to take some as a hostess gift the next time you go to dinner at someone's house.  I keep vintage jars and vases on hand so it makes a lovely little treat for your host or hostess.  They'll last quite a while in water on a kitchen countertop. 

Here are a couple of examples of arrangements with herbs.  The possibilities are endless.

This one I saw on Me Likey features oregano as the herb of choice.  I love the hobnob milk glass vase and the little white foo dragons in the vignette.

This one from Shop Talk has a vintage holder and it looks like some fresh mint and maybe more oregano as well.

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  1. Cameron - I love this idea! I just planted some herbs this past weekend. Here's hoping they grow like crazy. And I'm so going to use the hostess gift idea too. Thanks for the Tuesday tip!


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