Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday Tip: Wrangling your Paperwhites

I love bulbs in the winter.  It's fresh flowers for your house in the cold months that will last much longer than cut flowers.  Paperwhites and amaryllis are the two most popular that you will find.  I love the scent of paperwhites.  I also love watching them grow because it happens pretty quickly.  This year the kids have had so much fun watching the green stems come out of the bulbs and get higher and higher each morning when they wake up.  Paperwhites are also neat because you can grow them in a variety of ways - in water, in soil and in rocks to name a few.  I got a big bag of paperwhite bulbs from Home Depot this year and put them in a variety of different planters.  This year I did all of mine in soil but you don't need to bury the bulbs down deep.  In just a couple of weeks, you'll have fragrant white flowers that will last until the holidays are well over.

One issue I've always had is that the higher they get, the more unruly their stems become and they frequently topple over.  The OCD person in me has trouble with that natural, unruly look.  My mom always tied them up with some string but I think a nice ribbon does the trick and looks a little prettier too!  A red ribbon adds a festive touch during the holidays:

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