Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mosiac House Moroccan Tiles

We are in the process of redoing our kitchen.  Not entirely, mind you, but new counter top and backsplash.  I say in the process because as per any home reno, disaster had to ensue.  I literally want to knock Home Depot out but I will save you from the drama of the whole scenario.  And, if it ever gets finished, I'll post some pics.

Because this isn't our forever home, we opted just to redo the counter top and backsplash for resale purposes only.  That and I couldn't take looking at that horrible Texan floor tile that they put all over the counter top and backsplash for one more minute.  But, if I had unlimited possibilities in my choices, I think I would have opted for something with a little more pizazz - like Moroccan tile.  I am dying to cover the fllor of a sunroom or porch in Moroccan tile and maybe even a bathroom or kitchen.

Mosaic House was in my most recent issue of Coastal Living and has a great selection of patterns to choose from.   Doesn't these want to make you start a renovation project, like now?

Check out Mosiac House's website for their full list of options.  The color choice and patterns are endless.  I love how summery and beachy so many of them feel at this time of year!  Plus, even in the dead of winter, these tiles would make you happy!

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