Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Bridal Bouquet and Parties from A Printable Press

My sweet friend Emily is getting married.  I am super excited for her.  Last weekend we worked on making her a bouquet.  She's getting married on a flower farm and plans to make her bouquet once she gets there.  Yes, she's amazing like that.  I have to say, our practice one really wowed me:

Emily has also been in search of her wedding invitations and she told me about this great site, A Printable Press.  While they mostly have wedding and baby invites, etc., they are branching out.  Their Holiday section says "coming soon" and I cannot wait!

I adore the party invitations they have, don't you?

Check out their full collection here.


  1. Such cute invitations

  2. The verbena perked up after I stuck the bouquet in water. It's still going strong! If I could do it again, I would move that lower sunflower up and wrap the ribbon around a shorter length of the stems - because now I realize I'll only be holding it in one hand, not two! Thanks for your help, it was a fun day!


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