Thursday, November 1, 2012

George Washington Jones

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for one of those Living Social painting classes with some girlfriends.  I am really not artistic and so I was a little bit stressed about what to paint.

My mom was an artist and the very last thing she painted before she died was a picture of my dog, Chase.  I have it hanging in my living room and it is really, really special to me (as is my little pup).  Since then we adopted a second dog, George Washington, and so I decided to paint him.  The very day we got him he perched himself up in one of our chairs and I snapped a picture and that is what I used for my inspiration.

Despite a VERY rough sketch before I started (my friend Taylor can attest to that - I thought she was going to wet her pants), I'm actually kind of happy about how this turned out.  It's going to hang right by the one of little Chase that my mom did.

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