Saturday, September 10, 2011

Practical and Pretty: Moroccan Floor Tiles

My latest obsession is Moroccan Floor tiles.  We are house hunting and I am constantly pre-decorating places in my head and figuring out where I can install this awesome tile.  I really want some in a kitchen but here are examples in many other places.  The style options and color schemes are endless.  And I say practical because how easy would it be to clean up spills or sweep up dirt?

I like how they layered a moroccan rug over the tiles.  Even more visual appeal and softens it up!

The tiles can be used on the walls, counter tops, and even the ceiling like this AWESOME outdoor space below.  How 'bout that light fixture?

Does anyone have any experience in having these installed or know how they hold up to foot traffic?  What about cost? 


  1. Look closely. The floor has been stenciled.

  2. Installation of ceramics floor tiles sure does make cleaning less of a hassle since dirt and everything else is easier to sweep and wipe. One I could commend with this choice is it's ability to give you Sistine chapel feels just like the image example above. I sure hope I could find the right tiles in this latest tiling center and make this inspiration come to life.

  3. Porcelain kitchen tile is very durable and is resistant to scratches or chips because it is made from the same material top and bottom. Porcelain kitchen tiles can be used to resemble real stone because the tiles are similar in shade and texture. azulejos de cocina


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