Thursday, March 8, 2012

Living with large Lighting

I am loving all of the recent changes to my living room - new color, new furniture and another new change that I hope to share with you all soon.  One downside that is really bugging me is the lack of light.  We have four lamps in here but no overhead light.  I've got an electrician and so I just need to pick my lighting and get it installed.  I'm having trouble deciding on a fixture.  This is my top runner as of right now:

 I like it for two reasons:  1) Just 'cause it's pretty.  2) I have a gift certificate from Christmas to Ballard Designs so it is practically free.

Only thing is, the room isn't big so I don't want it to overwhelm the space.  That said, I really like the larger version of the above fixture better than the smaller one.  So, I started looking around at smaller spaces with really oversized lighting.  It could be a statement...what do you think?

Here are some examples:

 via Glass Art

via From the Right Bank

 via Perch

via Design Shuffle

 source unknown

Last three images via here.

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