Wednesday, June 1, 2011

living room

I think my most exciting part of the holiday weekend was the purchase of my new silverware.  I've been eyeing the Maxfield flatware from Pottery Barn for a couple of years now:

I couldn't justify the $95 per place setting price tag so I never moved ahead on purchasing it.  Then I got to thinking...why do I have to pay this much money for something that is new and made to look old and mismatched?  I should just buy old, mismatched flatware that has the same effect at a much more affordable price tag.  I floated the idea past my husband who, much to my surprise, liked the idea.

Now, $68 dollars later, I have a whole 12 piece place setting of beautiful, vintage flatware!  (The pictures don't do it justice!)

While I'm on the topic of finding better bargains than Pottery Barn on new-old things...may I remind you of our purchase a few months ago while visiting my grandmother in NC? 
Our soda crate fits just perfectly under our coffee table and holds magazines and remotes just perfectly.  And for the bargain buster price of $5!

Have you seen that Pottery Barn is selling the same thing for $24?!


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  2. I love the mismatched vintage flatware. I've been eyeing some flatware myself that I should have broke down and bought when it was on sale, but I didn't. I have a set of silver from my grandmother but as my china set from my other grandmother is off white and gold, I've been dying to get this gold bamboo flatware from Horchow. It went on sale for 30% off a month or so ago but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money. (Even on sale a place setting of 12 was still something like $700 plus dollars total). It also seems so silly since I already have nice fairly vintage (1940) silver. Anyway, I wanted to pass on the link to my dream flatware in case you run across anything like it in your shopping adventures....

  3. Oooh, Cahill! I love your golf bamboo flatware! I'll keep an eye out in my shopping adventures for it...although, I warn you. If I find some at a good price, I might have to keep it for myself! :)

  4. I found em! I set a Google alert for gold bamboo flatware and found the exact one's I want (brand new) for $49 a place setting. It's still pricey but it's by far the best price I've seen and I've been coveting these damn things for over a year and a half. I just had to do it. However... I didn't ask Mike. I might be in a lot of trouble when he sees that box sitting at our front door. Whoops!

    I also found some cool antique gold or possibly brass bamboo flatware at Replacements when I went to their factory in Greensboro. I bought a 3-piece place setting for 8 (because that's all they had) for $69. It was quite a steal but I had my heart set on a 5 piece setting for 12. And since I only spent $69 on the entire set I went for the ones on eBay. I'll keep the other set too just because they are cool and were cheap and because they could actually be worth more than I paid for them as I found the exact ones I bought here... , where they are going for $1600. Granted their set is a 5-piece place setting for 12.

    Anyway, way too much info that no one but me probably cares about. I'm just excited I finally have all the supplies to host a fabulous dinner party in the house I don't have at the dining room table that is not even on the same coast as me, heh.

  5. P.S. I hope you had a great time in Miami, even if it was a work trip!

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