Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Get one.  Seriously.  I've been wanting one for ages but was too cheap to shell out for one.  Lucky for us our friend Trevor was moving and offered to sell us his gently (okay, barely) used one for $25.  So worth it!  My husband bought firewood from the grocery store and once we burned through that he burned all of the sticks and leaves in the yard - great way to clean that up easily!

Plus, it felt so warm and cozy to sit outside on a chilly night in the rocking chairs and have the fire roaring.  Can't wait to make s'mores!

man and his fire 

roasty toast tootsies

big roaring fire thanks to all of the sticks and leaves in the yard!


  1. ooooooooooohh! Looking forward to seeing that in action!! xxx

  2. Nice! So, when do I get to come over? :)


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