Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post Two for Megan: Wall a good way

Megan is so ahead of the game that she's already located a great source of inspiration for her future decorative paneling on her bedroom walls via Just Beach blog.  She's too quick for me - I hadn't even finished putting this post together.  Anyway, this ain't gonna be your 1970's dark paneling that you're dying to get rid of...this is gonna look good!  Here are a few more inspirational ideas for you, Megan:

Good old fashioned bead board is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of good lookin', classy wood decoration for walls.  I love it here in this bathroom from House Beautiful.  Beadboard has a traditional, cottagy feel which may work well with the Mediterranean, spa-like feel Megan has in mind for her bedroom.

Paneling can be in all shapes and sizes - pick a pattern, any pattern; just stick with one throughout.

via Wainscot Solutions

this image and next via Fanatic Finish

Who says it's gotta be all white or all one color?  Look at these ideas.

via This Old House
via Just Molding

This last idea isn't for Megan so much as for someone who has really tall ceilings and needs something to break up the blank space.  I'm not speaking to anyone I know around here in DC but for those people who can actually afford big houses elsewhere!

via Elite Woodworks

Can't wait to see how Megan's turns out!

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  1. Love the beadboard. Mom put it in our upstairs bathroom when I was a kid and it is clean and cozy at the same time.


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