Monday, January 30, 2017

My New Go To Rug Resource

Our new house has gorgeous hardwoods.  I absolutely love them but with two small kids, we have to have rugs.  Plus, I think it really warms up the space - both literally and visually - to have some great rugs.  Problem is, rugs ain't cheap.  I have purchased several rugs from RugsUSA for the new house and couldn't be happier.  The quality is excellent and the selections are great.  Best of all?  It won't break the bank.

I got this rug for our playroom:

And this rug for my daughter's room:

The pictures don't actually do either of these rugs justice.  The colors are so much more vibrant in real life!  You wouldn't believe the compliments I've gotten.  And I paid less than $300 each!

A couple of tips when shopping for rugs at RugsUSA:

1. If you see a rug that the pattern interests you, make sure you click on it to see what other colors are available.  Sometimes they have a great rug but it is featured in a not so great color - or a color that won't work for your space.  For example, this rug is pictured in a citrine color and is not my cup of tea but the pattern and textures are great:

The very same rug in a dark pink or orange hues looks great:

2. Shopping for a rug on the site can be overwhelming because there are so many options.  Narrow down your search by your style.  My two go-to style searches on the site are contemporary and traditional (funny that those styles seem so opposite but both have options right up my alley).  You'd be amazed at how many of their rugs could easily fall into both of those categories.  Take the one I selected for my daughter's room.  It is pretty traditional but the bold colors and print can certainly seem very contemporary as well and mixed with the right furniture it is!

3. If you want a thick rug for a bedroom that is comfy underfoot, my preference is 100% wool and read the reviews as buyers will give you a hint about the quality and thickness most of the time.  The downside to a wool rug?  You'll pay more.  Plus, you have to put up with shedding for a few weeks but after several vacuums, it gets considerably less with time.  In my opinion, both of the downsides are well worth it for the quality of the rug you get.

4. For high traffic areas, an indoor/outdoor rug can work great and be very forgiving.  Obviously with the durability of one of those rugs, you are sacrificing softness underfoot which may not matter for a living room or dining room.

5. If you're not in a hurry and can take your time searching for a rug, RugsUSA has great sales.  Just sign up for their email updates and they'll keep you posted when one of their fairly regular sales occurs.  Frequently you can get good discounts and free shipping if you keep your eyes out.

Just a few more pretty rugs that I've been eyeing from their site for either dining room or living room possibilities:

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