Monday, August 19, 2013

Cajun Halibut with Praline Sauce Over Dirty Rice

We branched out of recipe repertoire big time and boy did it pay off!  The recipe was a little complicated in that it had a few moving parts between the rice, the sauce and grilling the fish but overall it was an easy enough dish to make and it was delicious!

I saw the recipe on where else...Pinterest and it looked yummy so I decided to try it out.  Only thing is (in case you, like me, don't already know this)...halibut is PRICEY.  Ours was $29.99 per pound.  It was more expensive than the Kobe beef at our market.  But, it was delish.  That said, I think any mild, white, flaky fish would work.  Mahi might be a good cost effective option.

The recipe we used is from here but I also copied it below.


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