Monday, February 18, 2013

Scenes from the Abode

Scenes from around these here parts from the past couple of weeks...little snippets of happiness to get through this long, dreary month!

Two of the cutest models you ever did see are wearing my knitted hats...

No knitted hat for this guy but still really cute.

Amaretto sours.  I love 'em.

I tried to get all crafty-like and fancied myself a painter.  I need acrylics...the oil paint I got was too complicated for a novice like myself.

Love this little guy I got in an antique store in New Bern, NC a few years ago.  He makes me happy when I look at him.

Sunny fruit salad in the winter time is a happy sight!  And the fact that I got to share it with my needlepointing gang (yes, you read that right), made it all the better!

Mimosas on a Sunday...

We had friends over for a dinner party with pork and steak tacos.  I used the leftover rice and pork to make pork fried rice later in the week.  Delish!

Sweet little ranunculus.  Not only do I love how they look, they lasted for three weeks and were a bargain!

Cut this lone rose down from our rose bush in the back.  Crazy how it grew in the dead of winter!

Happy Monday! x

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