Monday, December 20, 2010

To the Hostess

Hopefully you are done with your Christmas shopping by now but here are a few hostess gifts that you can use during the holidays or all year round!

Sure, you can bring the obligatory bottle of wine when you arrive at someone's house.  Or, you can think outside the box with some ideas like these:

Last year for our book wine club, our friend Lane gave us all these adorable porcelin animal heads that are cheese markers.  I finally got to use mine this weekend!  (I'm not sure if the brie was from a sheep but it still got marked...)

Get some like these.  Or I also found these Porcelin Cheese Markers that are pretty cute.

Bryn had a great idea over on her blog.  I'm totally going to steal this and make my own if I can find some similar books! 

We got a set of these from the Franklin's for our wedding and I love them.  They'd also make a great hostess gift.

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